Sustainability at Precinct.

Precinct recognises sustainability is an important part of our business activities, it's strategy has been designed in parallel with Precinct's broader business strategy.

We have defined sustainability at Precinct as enabling sustainable and successful business, improving our operational performance and incorporating sustainable design across our portfolio of properties.

TCFD Framework

Our approach and framework

Enabling sustainable and successful businesses

Performance benchmarks

Measuring our performance

Material ESG issues

Our material issues in detail

Health and safety

One of our core corporate values. We believe in health and safety being embedded into all parts of our business and it b...

Global reporting initiative

Reporting to GRI Standards
Precinct conducts its business as a responsible corporate citizen. The operational aspects of Precinct's business, as a developer and manager of property, have an external impact on the environment, the community and the economy. Precinct places great importance on operating in the most sustainable way possible it can.
Scott Pritchard