We are city centre specialists.

Precinct is the largest owner and developer of premium inner-city business space in Auckland and Wellington.

We are committed to delivering a premium offering and have a strong belief that our properties need to both contribute to the life of a city and be places where people and businesses can thrive.

The quality of our buildings is matched only by our passionate team who strive to ensure Precinct’s clients have the best amenities and service available.

Our strategy in action.

First listing in 1997, we were a unit trust owning just six properties. Today, Precinct is a listed PIE and owns 14 properties with a portfolio value of over $2.5 billion, and is ranked in the NZX Top 25.

We corporatised in 2011 and adopted our new name, Precinct Properties New Zealand Limited in 2012. Precinct reflects our evolution as a business. We are city centre specialists committed to transforming spaces to deliver premium property solutions in Auckland and Wellington. Our clients include many of country’s leading businesses and government organisations

We want to create precincts that our clients thrive working within, and that city centre residents, visitors and wider communities enjoy being in.

We believe in order to be a specialist in a city centre context considering a broader mix of real estate offers greater opportunity for Precinct to create value for shareholders. Recently, this has resulted in Precinct widening its investment into other city centre real estate to include retail, leisure (hotels) and a 50 percent share of Generator, the co-working space provider.

We are taking advantage of our strong market position, maximising our value potential and transforming the cities and communities we operate in.

Precinct is led by a Board of non-executive directors and management team. The original owner of the buildings we began with, AMP, retains a 50% interest in our Manager, AMP Haumi Management Limited.

Our approach and strategy.

Precinct understands that the operational aspects of its business, as an owner, a developer and a manager of property, are responsible for having an external impact on a number of environmental, social and economic issues. By recognising this, and that we operate in a changing global environment, Precinct aims to conduct its business as a responsible corporate citizen and therefore places great importance on operating in the most sustainable way it can.

Our strategy is reviewed annually and continually refined. It has evolved materially since 1997 when the company was first established. Our current strategy provides clear direction for the Precinct team and shareholders.

Moving to a more active management approach has resulted in Precinct preferring to now create its own real estate which we are seeing through its extensive development activities. During 2017 management developed further its strategic perspective and refined its focus into three distinct areas.

Precinct’s strategy provides a clear and targeted approach to our markets. We are now realising the benefits of its strategic design. We are able to measure our progress relative to both our strategy and to our three areas of focus, our people, our portfolio and our developments.

Generator NZ

Looking for something different? Precinct Properties owns Generator NZ, New Zealand’s premier coworking and shared space provider. Contact them for a variety of flexible, customisable office and event spaces.