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Shareholder FAQ

  • How can I invest?

    We are a listed company and as such our shares trade on the NZ stock exchange. You can invest with us through your share broker or alternatively your bank may well provide a share trading service. Typically the difference will be that a share broker can advise you on the investment whereas the bank service is purely to execute your instructions.

    Noted below are a selection of New Zealand share brokers and banks that provide share trading services.

    Share brokers:
    Craigs Investment Partnership
    Forsyth Barr
    First NZ Capital

    Retail Banks:
    ASB Securities
    ANZ Bank

    Please be aware that we are not financial advisers and we recommend that you should contact a financial adviser before making investment decisions.

  • Can you explain Precinct's stapled group structure?

    On 1 July 2023, Precinct effected a restructuring to create a stapled group structure. A stapled group comprises two listed parent companies whose shares are held by the same shareholders in equal proportions. The shares in each parent company can only be transferred or dealt with together.

    Shareholders in Precinct Properties Group (“Precinct”) hold an equal number of shares in Precinct Properties New Zealand Limited (“PPNZ”) and Precinct Properties Investments Limited (“PPIL”) and these shares can only be dealt with together. The stapled issuers are described as “Precinct Properties NZ Ltd & Precinct Properties Investments Ltd (NS)” on NZX systems and the ticker code for the stapled shares remains PCT.

  • Can you explain what a supplementary dividend is?

    A supplementary dividend is paid to non-resident shareholders to offset the amount of non-resident withholding tax (“NRWT”) that New Zealand companies are required to deduct from dividends paid to non-resident shareholders. A supplementary dividend is paid to ensure equitable treatment between non-resident shareholders and resident shareholders (whose dividends are not subject to NRWT).

    There’s no disadvantage to Precinct or our shareholders, and non-resident shareholders don’t get a larger cash dividend than an equivalent New Zealand resident shareholder.

    We recommend that you seek professional tax advice on your own situation should you require more information.

  • What are the contact details of the Registrar?

    Computershare Investor Services Limited
    Level 2, 159 Hurstmere Road
    Takapuna, Auckland
    Private Bag 92119
    Auckland 1142

    Tel: +64 9 488-8777
    Fax: +64 9 488-8787
    Email: [email protected]

  • When are dividends paid?

    Precinct has a 30 June year end with dividends being paid quarterly and within three months of each quarter end. Typically dividends are paid in the months of September, November, March and May.