Our strategy.

Our business model is designed to generate, and regenerate sustainable value. This results from the seamless interplay between three essential elements.

Three Essential Elements.

Empowering People.

Working together in a great team culture, providing excellent client service, valuing our occupiers, supporting our community and focusing on their well-being are core principles that make Precinct successful.

Operational Excellence.

Operational excellence involves superior performance of both our people and assets. Our people strive to perform. By investing in high quality assets, we get the best operational performance out of them, whilst proactive maintenance helps provide sustainable returns.

Developing the Future.

Through our projects we are helping to regenerate Auckland and Wellington’s city centres. We are driving growth through powerful partnerships and joint ventures. Whether it is creating new environments, or transforming existing places, our people are inspired every day by realising the possibilities our cities hold.

Principles of Success.

Our sustainable value is fuelled by four business principles

Concentrated ownership in strategic locations.

Precinct invests in high quality concentrated ownership of city centre real estate in strategic locations. Our foundations are built around proactive office accommodation solutions, whilst also venturing into retail and food and beverage offerings. Adapting to meet market demand and opportunity, we may also look into investing in hotels, land and assets with development potential.

Great client relationships.

We pride ourselves in knowing and understanding our clients’ needs. This understanding is the foundation of respectful and transparent relationships that encourage growth and success. Owning city centre precincts enables us to create vibrant environments that attract some of New Zealand’s best businesses as clients.

We regard our office occupiers as valued clients, providing a level of service that exceeds that provided in similar office buildings. This client-focused approach applies through the full range of client interactions, from parking and concierge services, presentation of lobbies through to dealings in lease negotiations.

Investing in quality.

We have an ambition to control or own strategic city centre properties, enabling us to create high quality, vibrant office environments supported by a broad retail, leisure and food and beverage offering.

Our people are highly skilled in retail and office leasing, property and development management, development origination and structuring and capital management. By aiming high we provide environments that allow our clients to be their best.

A long-term view.

Precinct manages its portfolio both with a high level of performance excellence and careful planning for each phase of market cycles. This requires the effective leverage of our scale, financial strength and management capability.

We maintain a long-term pipeline of opportunities in order to deliver sustainable value. Recycling capital out of buildings that perform sub-optimally and acquiring or upgrading buildings is part of the Precinct business model and ensuring positive returns to our shareholders.