Precinct's Green Buildings #WGBW22

14 September 2022

Celebrating World Green Building Week 2022

To Celebrate World Green Building Week we wanted to highlight a handful of awesome green buildings we have in our portfolio.

Precinct recently announced our commitment to the World Green Building Council Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment, the first New Zealand property owner to do so.

The PwC Tower was also awarded a 5 Star Green Star rating from the NZGBC, representing New Zealand Excellence in sustainable design and construction. The PwC Tower was designed with operational energy and efficiency in mind right from the onset in 2013. Quality Green Star ratings have become a commercial benchmark, with a 5 Star Green Star rating a minimum requirement for some of our clients during the leasing phase of the building. We’re very happy to have achieved this and continue to understand and improve the ESG benchmarks of our portfolio.

Some of the most notable Green Star elements of the PwC Tower include:

  1. Premium end of trip facilities and bike storage. These are easily accessible, including lockers and bike mechanic facilities. We continue to encourage using these amenities through The Club initiatives such as bike servicing, HIIT classes and Pilates.
  2. Independent HVAC of the main building system utilising heat recovery ventilation.
  3. The central plant room serves multiple areas of development and not just the PwC Tower. This enables efficient use of space and waste heat recovery to support space heating.
  4. The building is located within close proximity to public transport.

Check out a handful of our other buildings and their Green Stars below.

Mason Brothers

5 Star Design 6 Star As-built

Jarden House

5 Star Design and As-Built

12 Madden Street

5 Star Design and As-Built

10 Madden Street

5 Star Design

Charles Fergusson Building

4 Star Design and As Built

Defence House

4 Star Design and As Built