Wynyard Quarter Innovation Precinct.

Align your business with Auckland's most dynamic neighbourhood and the centre of innovation in New Zealand.

A stones throw from the CBD, Wynyard Quarter has an incredible sense of mixed-use inner-city connectedness with the precinct combining commercial, hospitality, residential and the arts.

It is currently in a period of intense redevelopment and when complete will be home to around 25,000 workers and 3,000 residents enjoying the eclectic mix of things it has to offer.

Home to laneway cafes, a variety of eateries, ASB Theatre, new Countdown Metro and vibrant green spaces; this location will help your business attract and retain the best talent.

Panuku Development Auckland, the Auckland Council organisation overseeing the revitalisation, developed a masterplan that ensures sustainability and social outcomes remain a core focus. This commitment has resulted in significant public investment to create a world-class urban environment, streetscape and infrastructure.

There are multiple strategies in place to ensure that the quality of the public realm remains high with the right amenity to activate the area from morning to evening.

Stage One

Mason Brothers

Mason Brothers was the first development completed by Precinct within Wynyard Quarter Innovation Precinct. It is an adaptive reuse of a large character warehouse that dates to the 1920s. The refurbishment, designed by Warren + Mahoney celebrates the rich industrial heritage of the building while pushing the boundaries in terms of contemporary workplace and the innovative environment.

12 Madden

Completed in August 2017, 12 Madden Street was New Zealand’s first and largest purpose-built co-working space, designed to give innovative companies of all sizes the best possible working environment in which to thrive.

Stage Two

10 Madden

Designed to spark creativity and support modern, agile ways of working. Set across seven floors, the low-rise campus style design of 10 Madden connects you to the public realm and the harbour, in a neighbourhood that is alive and dynamic day and night.

Final Stage

124 Halsey Street and 117 Pakenham Street

The final stage of Precinct's commercial development in Wynyard Quarter is two new office buildings situated at 117 Pakenham Street and 124 Halsey Street.

A smarter way to work.

Developed by Precinct Properties and designed by Warren and Mahoney, the final stage of commercial development in the Wynyard Quarter Innovation Precinct comprises low-rise campus style office buildings that integrate seamlessly with the surrounding retail, hospitality and residential neighbourhood.

Precinct is acutely aware of the impact building design has on people and workplace productivity.

Nestled in the centre of Wynyard Quarter Innovation Precinct, 124 Halsey Street and 117 Pakenham Street will be constructed with innovative building materials and services which combine to create an office environment that maximises comfort and the productivity of your organisation.

Connectivity and transport.

Wynyard Quarter is already a well-connected part of the city centre and as it continues to grow, public transport to the area will increase. The Wynyard Quarter Transport Management Association has an excellent advocate for continual improvement accessing Wynyard Quarter. It will even work with businesses to provide education and transport planning for their staff.

In addition to public transport, the area is well serviced by cycle and walkways. It is approximately 10-15 minutes’ walk to Commercial Bay and Britomart Train Station.

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Our Wynyard Quarter Properties

[{"categorySpace":"commercial","categoryOpportunity":"investment-a","categoryLocation":"auckland","location":"Wynyard Quarter","image":"https:\/\/www.precinct.co.nz\/web\/assets\/hero\/G8A3395-Pano-Edit.jpg","status":null,"title":"12 Madden Street ","url":"https:\/\/www.precinct.co.nz\/properties\/12-madden"},{"categorySpace":"commercial","categoryOpportunity":"investment-b","categoryLocation":"auckland","location":"Wynyard Quarter","image":"https:\/\/www.precinct.co.nz\/web\/assets\/general\/7024_Wynyard-Quarter_Tiramarama-Way_8.jpg","status":null,"title":"Mason Bros. Building ","url":"https:\/\/www.precinct.co.nz\/properties\/mason-brothers"},{"categorySpace":"commercial","categoryOpportunity":"investment-a","categoryLocation":"auckland","location":"Wynyard Quarter","image":"https:\/\/www.precinct.co.nz\/web\/assets\/general\/7398_WQIP_5B_Cam-009_V3_preview.jpeg","status":null,"title":"10 Madden Street ","url":"https:\/\/www.precinct.co.nz\/properties\/10-madden-street"},{"categorySpace":"commercial","categoryOpportunity":"investment-a","categoryLocation":"auckland","location":"Wynyard Quarter","image":"https:\/\/www.precinct.co.nz\/web\/assets\/general\/May-2020-7343_Wynyard_6AB_Halsey_View01_V7-reduced.jpg","status":null,"title":"124 Halsey Street","url":"https:\/\/www.precinct.co.nz\/properties\/124-halsey-street"},{"categorySpace":"","categoryOpportunity":"","categoryLocation":"","location":"Wynyard Quarter","image":"https:\/\/www.precinct.co.nz\/web\/assets\/hero\/May-2020-7343_Wynyard_6AB_CAM010_PAKENHAM_Reduced.jpg","status":null,"title":"117 Pakenham Street","url":"https:\/\/www.precinct.co.nz\/properties\/117-pakenham-street"}]
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12 Madden Street

Wynyard Quarter
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10 Madden Street

Wynyard Quarter
May 2020 7343 Wynyard 6 AB CAM010 PAKENHAM Reduced

117 Pakenham Street

Wynyard Quarter
7024 Wynyard Quarter Tiramarama Way 8

Mason Bros. Building

Wynyard Quarter
May 2020 7343 Wynyard 6 AB Halsey View01 V7 reduced

124 Halsey Street

Wynyard Quarter