Bondholder and noteholder information.

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Non bank funding secured.

$75 million
Bond issue in 2014
$100 million
Bond issue in 2017
$150 million
Convertible Note issue in 2017

Sustainable Debt

The establishment of the Sustainable Debt Framework (The “Framework”) is a natural extension of Precinct’s sustainability strategy. The Framework sets out the process by which Precinct intends to issue and manage Sustainable Debt on an ongoing basis to fund low carbon buildings within Precinct’s property portfolio.

PCT010 Bond

Precinct issued $75 million of bonds maturing on 17 December 2021. Download documents here.

PCT020 Bond

Precinct issued $100 million of bonds maturing on 27 November 2024. Download documents here.

PCT030 Green Bond

Precinct issued $150 million of six year secured, fixed rate green bonds. Download documents here.

PCTHA Convertible Note

Precinct issued $150 million of subordinated convertible notes, convertible into ordinary shares of Precinct. Conversion date 27 September 2021. Download documents here.